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How well are your Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) techniques working?

Are you seeing results from your investment in air quality? Are your AHU’s operating efficiently? You can improve AHU and building hygiene while saving energy. TechnIEQ’s field-tested, Measure, Analyze and Control solution will help prove your IEQ techniques are providing actual benefits. Our integrated, evidence-based solution gives you accurate answers in real-time and enables decisive action.

TechnIEQ steps up when others step down

Typical IEQ solutions focus only on one piece of the puzzle: Monitoring. This leaves you with lots of data and big gaps in intelligence and performance. TechnIEQ (pronounced like “technique”) ties it all together to provide a better comprehensive solution. Our experts design and deploy the right mix of software, economical hardware, analytics at the edge and automation to ensure your IEQ goals are met, at all times and under all conditions. It’s a total solution for measuring, monitoring and control. Here’s what we do.


Our field proven assessment protocols accurately measure what’s going on


We design and deploy solutions that economically monitor real-time performance


Our analytics algorithms utilize multiple sensor parameters to drive decisions

First things
first: Defining your objectives

First our experts learn what your Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) goals are. Do you want to provide healthy building spaces, add value to commercial building assets, or provide healthy, productive educational spaces? Maybe ultra-hygienic spaces for critical environments or advanced manufacturing is your goal? We engineer and apply a proven “Concept thru Commissioned” solution based on your building wellness objectives.


We capture accurate
data and assess current performance

Temperature, Humidity, CO2 , Particulates, VOC’s, Fungi, Bacteria, Viral Pathogens? We measure and benchmark parameters of interest using cost-effective methods. These methods include the application of relevant germicidal equipment, duct and space sensors, as well as processing of biological samples in a certified lab.


Comprehensive fixes and tracking of each metric against set goals

Comprehensive and cost effective fixes can improve a building’s hygiene and energy management goals. Like adding UVGI or NBPI, cycling UVGI system on/off based on efficacy results, using UVGI together with properly sized MERV rated filters. When your system is optimized we’ll track specific parameters and metrics against targets to maximize system performance at the lowest possible operational cost.


Unique algorithms control your applied technology or your BMS can take action

Our Intellastar TStar edge uses analytic algorithms to control the operation of applied disinfection technology based on specific parameters. The TStar can also sync with a BMS to provide supervisory control based on real-time data received from deployed sensors.

From easy tweaks to complete system design and installation services

If you already have UVGI or high efficiency filtration, we can help you understand if these systems are optimized. Maybe a few simple tweaks can improve results. If you don’t have UVGI or other systems to improve building hygiene and IAQ, don’t worry, we’ll help you understand all options and be with you during the complete process of concept to commissioning and operation. TechnIEQ will always be there to help verify your chosen technology is performing to specification with the added benefit that you’ll always know it’s working efficiently and at the lowest operational cost possible.

We scientifically measure IAQ effectiveness and remediate for every type of application.

Conventional IEQ vendors focus on one piece of the puzzle, leaving you with big gaps in intelligence and performance. TechnIEQ ties it all together. Our experts design and deploy the right mix of software, economical hardware, analytics and automation to ensure your goals are being met, every minute of the day. It’s a total solution for measurement, analyze and control. Here’s what we do.


Surfaces, Air and Water… Proper design, expert installation, performance verification.


Testing and measurement to verify safe operation and performance.


Verify real-time performance. Recommend appropriate portable systems for total building health.

Far UV

Design and application of UV-C (222 nm) that can be used in properly vented and occupied spaces to reduce and eliminate airborne and surface pathogens.

Healthier environments. Healthier bottom line.

With a TechnIEQ solution you can improve your building’s hygiene, indoor air quality and optimize energy savings. Does your building qualify for LEED, Well Building or RESET certification? We can help. Using our evidenced-based approach we’ll recommend actions required to achieve the certification desired in the most cost effective and timely way.

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